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« Growth is first and foremost a state of mind. »
Stéphane Breault

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How do you accelerate the growth of your business?
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Is a franchise for you?
Do I need to develop a distribution network?
Your revenues are stagnant. What now?
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As a CEO for over half of my career, I have had the opportunity to work in private businesses and public organisations operating in various fields, and I have developed in-depth knowledge of the markets and dynamics that influence them. My knowledge and experience in directing distribution networks with retailers, agents, distributors, franchisees, master franchisees and territory franchisees, have allowed me to become an experienced business growth adviser who provides practical solutions for my clients.

Throughout my career, I have developed successful franchise and distribution networks thanks to my capacity for establishing innovative strategies, and for rallying teams toward meeting objectives in senior management positions at Petro-Canada, Protectron, and Cafe Bistro Van Houtte.

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Franchising is a growth strategy that creates enormous value, as it optimizes the contribution of local resources from a franchisee partner who invests time and money to help you develop your business, while developing their own.

Becoming a franchisor requires a profitable business model for the franchisee and for the franchisor.

Developing an expansion model via a distribution network or a buying group always represents a significant challenge.

You must know how to formulate a commercial proposal that advantageously positions you in relation to your distributor partners or members of the buying group. Issues such as territory management, performance, and creating added value that will secure distributor loyalty are daily challenge, and required a well-balanced business model.

Growth within a manufacturing company requires an approach that balances market development with internal resources.

Issues with market development, sales, marketing, production, and access to financing are ubiquitous. They must be well balanced to make room for profitable growth.

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