Are you cut out for franchising?

Multiply the value of your business by 10x

« Franchising is a high-performance sport, and improvisation is a sure path to failure »

– Stephane Breault


  • Grow your business profits fast
  • Reduce business risks
  • Start projects off on the right foot
  • Set yourself up for smart, rapid growth
  • Develop your franchise brand to grab candidates’ attention
  • Recruit and preselect good franchise partners
  • Learn strong leadership skills to run your network
  • Manage profitable, satisfied franchisees
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Get guidance from a seasoned expert so you can get the skills you need.


We offer you a highly personalized approach that enables you to quickly become a confident and competent franchisor.


You will be ready to start recruiting franchise partners within 120 days. We have created a plan that lets you build your network’s foundation, so that you can see accelerated growth while staying in control.

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    Strategy, financial plan, action plan

    Strategic business plan, 3-year financial plan for the 2 partners, 12-month investment projections for the franchisor, 12-month action plan to complete the project

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    Recruiting, qualification and pre-selection system

    Development of content on opportunity, strategy and action plan, and recommendations on recruitment.
    Identification and development of pre-qualification tools

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    Operating system

    Design of the operations manual and training system infrastructure

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    Legal details

    Recommendations for your legal and contractual structure. Design of the franchise contract and ancillary documents, lawyer validation, training

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    Starting a new franchise

    Development of the 120-day plan for starting and activating a new franchise, in which the franchisee should reach the break-even point

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    Network management system

    Development of a performance management system and network support systems

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