11 November 2021

    You are 100% responsible, that’s it, that’s all!

    Franchisee disengagement never happens out of the blue. Any experienced franchisor has already experienced this situation: The franchisee is exemplary for 2-3 years then, their attitude changes and they become passive or critical of all initiatives or even worse, they don’t care about the franchise, and they do whatever they want.

    What happened? Remember the 9 reasons I shared with you thus far? Most probably, a few of those reasons shaped the reality of this franchisee.

    But all is not lost.

    The last reason a franchisee does not engage or no longer participates in your initiatives can be an extraordinary lever if you can reverse it to develop the culture of engagement within your network.

    Franchisor leadership is far from positive

    We live in a world where connecting with franchisees is paramount. If the franchisor does not create a world where it engages, empowers, and encourages its franchisees, it creates an authoritarian leadership that does not generate any synergy effect. Therefore, there is no emergence of a “positive effect” within the network. A “positive effect” makes it possible to excel daily and create this sought after added value.

    Only positive leadership creates the connection

    Your franchisees deserve to experience a connection with you that promotes proximity to shared values and goals. Positive leadership is a powerful lever that is expressed in words and deeds, and above all else, in the thoughts of all the people involved in the network.


    1. Change your mindset by focusing on what’s going well with your engaged franchisees.
    2. Innovate by creating large-scale positive events (e.g. the arrival of a new franchisee in the team should be a CELEBRATED event and not just a formality)
    3. Encourage initiatives that create enthusiasm
    4. “Catch people doing the right thing” and reward them! (Recognition pays off!)
    5. Get out of your office and go work with them (How about taking 20% of your time and dedicating it to YOUR franchisees???)
    6. Dare!!! Ask your franchisees and create positivity with them.


    As a franchisor, you build a business of owners. These owners have needs and challenges that require your guidance, skills, and willingness to help them succeed in their dream: To build a thriving business that allows them to enjoy life just like you.

    Okay, agree or disagree, let me know! (Comment, this feed is a live debate.)

    And if you encounter issues that you would like to discuss with an expert who knows your reality since I have lived it as a CEO, I would be more than happy to do so.

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