Who is

Stephane Breault?

Having been a CEO for more than half of my career and having had the opportunity to work in private and listed companies operating in various fields of activity, I have developed a vast knowledge of markets and the dynamics that influence them. My knowledge and experience in leading networks — as well as retail outlets, agents, distributors, franchisees, master franchisees and territorial franchisees — allow me today to be a seasoned expert in franchising who can provide my clients with concrete solutions.

Throughout my career, I have developed efficient franchise and distribution networks thanks to my ability to establish innovative strategies and rally teams to achieve objectives in senior management positions at Petro-Canada, Protectron and Café-bistro Van Houtte

What I do

« With my team, I empower successful entrepreneurs and seasoned franchisors to surpass themselves and create the successful franchise networks they deserve. » S. Breault

What I think about it

My passion for franchising began while at school, studying for an MBA. As soon as I left the program, I headed for franchising. I have held various strategic positions within recognized franchisors. I was at the head of a large franchise network by the age of 25. Since then, I have developed a vision and practice of franchising and franchise leadership that maximizes the full potential of everyone within a business. My observation is that the franchise must evolve in order to allow the partner-franchisee to flourish as a company CEO and develop their full leadership potential.

A seasoned franchisor will know how to create value beyond the business model, which allows their partner-franchisees to grow within the network. Leadership as we know it today in most franchising and distribution organizations is outdated and no longer suited to society’s realities and challenges. WAKE UP!

The franchisors of tomorrow are those who stop trying to control everything, and instead learn to give wings to their partner-franchisees. They do this by developing the human potential and the agility necessary to quickly adapt, while acting as a facilitator who connects their team to customer decisions and realities!

My approach

I’m direct, without judgment. I listen attentively, I perfectly understand the challenges you’re facing, and I work with you to find solutions you can implement immediately.

Community involvement

  • President of the board of directors of the Canadian Franchise
  • Association (CFA) (www.cfa.ca) – 2006-2008
  • Member of Association canadienne de la Franchise (CFA)
  • Member of the Conseil québécois de la franchise (CQF) (www.cqf.ca)
  • Board member of the Canadian Restaurant & Food Service Association – 2003-2009
  • Board president of l’Association des M.B.A. du Québec – 2004-2005
  • Coach at Espace-inc, a startup incubator and accelerator

Industry awards and accolades

  • Personality of the year, Conseil québécois de la franchise – 2005
  • Vince Nichols Memorial Award, Canadian Franchise Association – 2006
  • Inducted into the Franchise Hall of Fame of the Conseil québécois de la franchise – 2018


  • MBA, Sherbrooke University – 1985
  • Bachelor’s of psychology, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières – 1982
Recognized across Canada

Expert in franchising and distribution networks

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, restaurateur, retailer, consumer or business service provider, franchising is a growth strategy that creates enormous value. It allows franchise partners to bring local resources to the business, and encourages them to invest time and money to help you grow your business while building their own.

« A franchise network’s success depends 50% on the quality of the business model and 50% on the exercise of leadership at all levels. »

– Stephane Breault

A 360 degree


With us, you are in expert, experienced hands. We provide you with all the knowledge you need to ensure your shift into the franchising world is a success.

We’ve built a team of specialists to help you achieve your goals, no matter your needs.

Our experts cover it all: Corporate strategy, finance, digital marketing, advertising, geographic development plan, professional writing, operations manual design, human resources, legal resources. Our team works together to build YOUR franchise network.


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  • Portes Baril
  • By Nature

Restaurants-Food services

  • Alimentation Couche Tard
  • Groupe St Hubert
  • Groupe Sésame
  • La Panthère verte
  • Lola Rosa
  • Gestion Yuzu
  • Queues de castor
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  • Brasserie Les Enfants Terribles
  • 3 Amigos
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  • Poissonnerie & restaurant Rayan
  • Slice + Soda

Retail businesses

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  • Vincent d’Amérique
  • Batteries expert
  • Vitro Plus
  • Daoust nettoyeurs écoperformants
  • Global Pet food
  • Pitou Minou & compagnons
  • Global Vet

B2B businesses

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  • Jani King commercial cleaning
  • COBOOM conseil management
  • MOM cleaning system
  • Soluflex cabinet conseil ressources humaines
  • Strauss water system
  • Trinet transportation
  • Blue glass immobilier

Consumer services

  • Géoservices climatisation
  • Hydro Solution
  • Confort Expert
  • Bornes électrique Québec
  • Multi-prêts

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