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I’ve been giving public talks for more than a decade. These are some of the organizations I’ve presented to:

  • Canadian Franchise Association
  • Conseil québécois de la franchise
  • Université HEC Montréal
  • Multi-prêts hypothèque
  • Groupe MTY
  • Beavertails
  • Énergie Cardio
  • Yuzu sushi
  • Bergham

My goal is to awaken spirits and incite action through my outspokenness and my expert and different approach to franchise leadership.

« It is the exercise of assertive and connected leadership and not power that creates the desired performance »

– Stephane Breault

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My favorite subjects are mobilization and change management through leadership. But all of my talks and presentations are tailor-made to meet your needs. I build them after speaking with you to understand your reality, your challenges and your expectations.

  • Open the minds
  • Make significant changes
  • Wake up your partners
  • Reflect on the changes your business needs to make
  • Get results now!

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Presentation 1

Me, a dinosaur? Please!

To maximize everyone’s potential and stop seeing each employee as a “human resource,” we need to change our approach to leadership. Our new social reality brings with it a host of new challenges. Wake up! Become an “assertive and connected leader” and mobilize your franchise partners, so that they care for your business as if it were theirs!

Presentation 2

Anyone Can Succeed

Success. It’s a meaningless word if we are satisfied with what life brings us. What would happen if we gave you the secrets of highly successful people? No more standing still. I will light in your mind this little flame that will inspire you to make changes in your business or in your personal life that will let you flourish.

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