13 June 2023

    So, I was working with one of my clients on their strategic planning this week, and you know what kept coming up? “We’re running around like crazy, but it feels like we’re going nowhere.”

    Now, let me tell you, as a franchise expert and CEO coach, this is the kind of stuff franchisors deal with all the time. Ever since COVID hit, everyone’s been scrambling to survive, and now we’re dealing with the aftermath. And, it’s a wild ride! Franchise leaders have to juggle sales, HR, marketing, tech, supply chain, innovation, rising costs, finding the right franchisees, and even AI! It’s like a never-ending roller coaster!

    No wonder everyone’s feeling like headless chickens.

    But here’s the thing, we can’t just keep going like this. It leads to a lot of improvisation, and in franchising, that rarely ends well. We need a better plan, more of the same is NOT the answer.So, what’s the solution? Drumroll, please… 

    It’s time to do nothing! Yep, you heard me right.

    This is where strategic planning comes in. We gotta take the time to create a solid plan. Here’s what it’s all about:

    We look into the future and figure out the opportunities we need to seize and the problems we need to solve once and for all.

    Then, we get organized and execute our strategy in a smart and organized way, so we don’t end up like headless chickens again.

    The goal? To unlock the full potential of your franchise network, both economically and in terms of your people.

    Without a strategy, you might get some results, but are they the results you really want? Deep down, you know the answer.

    “But we don’t have time for this, we’re already running like crazy!”

    Listen, investing time and money into strategic planning is a choice you gotta make. You can keep running around like headless chickens, taking risks with your business and your health.

    Or… and here’s the good part… you can create a future with confidence and discipline. You can avoid the chaos and improvisation that leads to the headless chicken mode, and build a healthy franchise network that reflects who you are.

    So, what’s it gonna be? Give yourself the chance to succeed.

    But here’s the thing, trying to figure it all out on your own won’t cut it. You need an expert who’s been there, done that, and knows the franchisor world inside out.

    Remember what Peter Drucker said, “Strategic planning is the secret weapon of successful businesses, giving them a competitive edge and the power to shape their own destiny.”

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