You don't have 200 years to build your business.

How the program works

Time is money! That’s why our exclusive private coaching program maximizes YOUR EFFICIENCY.

The CEO Franchisor Private Coaching Program is an individual coaching program specially designed for CEOs of franchise networks with 25 to 250 franchisees. This intensive program is designed for CEOs of franchise networks who want to:

  • Successfully transform leadership within their network in order to better face the “new normal”
  • Create or recreate motivated and committed teams at all levels, including franchise partners at the heart of their network
  • Change the way they communicate so that they are heard and not just listened to
  • Generate income and profit growth
  • Work less

We’ll meet privately on a regular basis via Zoom (a video-conferencing platform) in order to:

  • Identify priorities
  • Establish a strategy and an action plan
  • Review the progress you’ve made
  • Remove obstacles
  • Learn new concepts in order to be more efficient
  • Develop innovative solutions
  • Identify how to put the new practices in place

The process (from vision to execution) is completely personalized according to your strengths, your talents, and above all, your needs and the needs of your network. Phone calls, emails or knowledge capsules can also help guide you.

The atmosphere in which our exchanges take place is friendly and filled with optimism, even if I am very direct in my comments.

Take advantage of a FREE call!

I am offering you a free strategy reflection session (not a sales call) where we will discuss your challenges.

Get fast results

Among other things, this program will allow you to:

  • Renew your vision
  • Develop trust within your organization
  • Empower your teams and franchise partners
  • Build the best team
  • Optimize team performance
  • Mobilize teams and franchise partners to meet new challenges
  • Communicate in ways that get people at all levels to really listen to you
  • Learn how to give feedback to your teams and your franchise partners to get things moving
  • Develop processes to make changes happen
Get concrete results!

As experienced by my clients

Here is a list of some of the positive impacts my clients have had:

  • A change in the attitude of business partners and the management team: from passive, they have become proactive!
  • Sales performance growth across all teams
  • A 20% reduced turnover rate
  • The development of new markets
  • Voluntary departure of members of the least suitable teams
  • The resolution of old conflicts
  • Significant changes in the commitment of management teams
  • Growth in the number of sites per partner
  • An increase in sales of more than 15% resulting from a 30% increase in customer satisfaction
  • A reduction in the unsold stock thanks to the pooling of each one’s stocks
  • CEOs taking real vacations!

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