6 June 2023

    In the competitive world of franchising, many franchisors are facing significant challenges in 2023. Understanding these pain points is crucial in finding effective solutions to ensure the growth and success of franchisees. Here are the three key challenges that franchisors are facing this year:

    1. Adapting to change: Needs and demands are rapidly evolving in the market. Franchisors must deal with the pressure of maintaining the relevance of their initial concept. Sometimes, the reflex is to add new offerings to avoid missing out on passing trends. However, this can lead to dilution of the concept’s identity and a weakened competitive position.
    2. Operational complexity: The constant addition of new offerings and features can make the operation of the franchise concept more complex. This can impact profitability, staff training, and the efficient management of the entire franchise system. Increased complexity can also make potential buyers hesitant, knowing they will have to face significant operational challenges.
    3. Radical innovation: Faced with rapid changes and mega-forces influencing the market, franchisors need to embrace a radical innovation approach. This involves redefining the company’s mission to adapt to new needs, reimagining the core of the concept with a blank slate, and carefully considering return on investment (ROI) to ensure that innovations bring real added value.

    It is important to recognize that the FOMO* syndrome, or the fear of missing out on an opportunity, can be dangerous for franchisors. Hastily adding new offerings without careful consideration can lead to brand dilution and excessive operational complexity. Instead, franchisors need to be perpetual innovators, rethinking their concept and implementing radical changes with the support of franchisees.

    In conclusion, franchise leaders must demonstrate resilience and an open mind to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. By embracing a radical innovation approach, staying true to their mission while reimagining their concept, and carefully considering ROI, franchisors can position themselves for sustainable growth and ongoing success in an ever-changing market.

    ** Fear Of Missing Out

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