14 August 2023

    “Despite all our efforts to bring about change, a significant number of our franchisees appear strangely content with maintaining the status quo. Yes, you heard that right – content. Our growth has slowed, and we are concerned.” These words, spoken by the CEO of a successful national franchise network, struck me like lightning.

    WOW!!! Once again, the “Good Enough Franchisee” syndrome rears its head.

    Every franchisor inevitably faces this type of franchisee. Imagine this: the “good” franchisees – those who abide by established norms and standards, navigating their journey without major disruptions. But here’s the issue – if they are satisfied, does expansion even register on their radar? Could it mean that your ambitious growth plans might also be hindered by your “good enough franchisees”?

    Asking the question is answering it, in my opinion – a franchisor without growth is like a time bomb. As a leader of your franchise, what’s your strategy to avoid the imminent trap of the “good enough franchisee”? Here are seven essential actions to guide your franchise away from the perilous zone of stagnation and toward sustained growth.

    1.Crafting an Aggressive Growth Vision

    Growth begins with a clear vision. It’s not merely about numbers; it’s a shared dream that inspires franchisees and the entire network. Don’t settle for average growth. Envision a future where each franchise unit thrives not only individually but actively contributes to the overall expansion of the brand. This renewed vision provides everyone with purpose and drive.

    2.Cultivating a Growth-Centric Culture

    Bid farewell to the mindset of “good enough” that can impede growth. Creating a culture that thrives on growth isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Encourage franchisees to adopt a mindset where each success propels them toward the next achievement. Celebrate progress, no matter how small, and cultivate an atmosphere where innovation and progress are celebrated.

    3.Trust: The Foundation of Growth

    Trust is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. A relationship between franchisor and franchisee built on trust can move mountains. Transparent communication, mutual respect, and shared objectives are the pillars of this collaboration. Foster trust by actively listening to franchisees’ concerns and valuing their ideas. A united front paves the way for exponential growth.

    4.Return on Investment (ROI): The Key to Amplifying Growth

    The growth secret lies in the return on investment (ROI) of your franchisees. A strong ROI enables franchisees to become autonomous growth engines. Prioritize ROI by boosting franchisee profitability. When franchisees see their investments yielding results, they naturally become enthusiastic advocates for expansion.

    5.Embracing the Power of Multi-Unit Franchising

    Multi-unit franchising offers a path to accelerated growth. Identify franchisees with the ambition and capability to manage multiple units. Provide personalized support, acknowledging that their success will benefit the entire network. Multi-unit franchisees are growth leaders – empower them to lead the charge.

    6.Breaking Limiting Beliefs

    Franchisees’ growth potential is often hindered by self-imposed limiting beliefs. Your role as a franchise leader is to shatter these barriers. Cultivate an environment where franchisees are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones. Replace self-doubt with a positive attitude. Impossible becomes “I’m possible.”

    7.Equipping Franchisees for Successful Expansion

    Growth demands skill development. Equip your franchisees with the necessary tools to grow effectively. Offer training programs covering not only operational excellence but also management, leadership, and team development. This approach minimizes the risk of failure.


    If I were your executive coach, you’d receive encouragement like this:

    “As leaders, you have the power to revolutionize the growth trajectory of your franchise network. How? By shaping mindsets, fostering collaboration, and nurturing franchisees’ growth potential, you’re igniting a movement that will redefine your network and engage your franchisees. It’s time to surpass limits, seize opportunities, and progress with unwavering determination. Your franchisees aren’t just business partners; when well-supported, they are growth champions.”

    “Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die.” – Henry Ford

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