24 May 2023

    The Hidden Pitfall: The Peril of Overlooking Weekly FaceTime for Market Insights

    In the high-stakes world of franchising, a critical pitfall awaits franchisor CEOs who overlook a crucial practice: dedicating regular face-to-face time to gain valuable market insights. This blog post delves into the profound problem that arises when CEOs neglect this essential task, exploring the consequences that can unfold. From missed growth opportunities to a diminished understanding of customer needs and challenges faced by franchisees, we will examine the significant downsides of disregarding the vital practice of engaging with the market and industry. Discover how rectifying this problem can unlock a world of growth, innovation, and success for franchisor CEOs and their franchise systems.

    The Problem: Neglecting Weekly FaceTime:

    When franchisor CEOs neglect to prioritize weekly face-to-face interactions, they unknowingly expose their franchise systems to a multitude of challenges. By failing to immerse themselves in the market and industry, CEOs miss out on crucial insights that can inform strategic decision-making. Without a direct understanding of emerging trends, shifting consumer preferences, and operational challenges faced by franchisees, CEOs become disconnected from the realities of their business ecosystem. This detachment can lead to stagnant growth, missed opportunities, and an inability to adapt to a rapidly evolving market. Moreover, neglecting face-to-face interactions hampers effective communication with franchisees, hindering the crucial feedback loop necessary for a thriving franchise system. The problem is clear: the absence of regular market engagement puts franchisor CEOs at a significant disadvantage.

    Consequences of Neglect:

    The consequences of neglecting weekly face-to-face time are far-reaching and can reverberate throughout the entire franchise system. Without firsthand market insights, CEOs struggle to make informed decisions, potentially leading to poor strategic direction and missed growth opportunities. Franchisees may feel unsupported and undervalued, leading to decreased motivation, lower satisfaction, and even increased turnover. Additionally, the lack of market engagement makes it challenging to identify emerging customer preferences, leaving the franchise system vulnerable to losing touch with its target audience. This disconnect can result in declining customer loyalty and a competitive disadvantage against more agile market players. Moreover, without a finger on the pulse of the industry, CEOs may fail to anticipate disruptive changes or industry-wide shifts, leaving their franchise system ill-prepared for future challenges.

    Solving the Problem: Embracing Weekly FaceTime:

    The solution to this problem is clear: franchisor CEOs must embrace the practice of weekly face-to-face time to gain valuable market insights and mitigate the risks associated with neglect. By actively engaging with customers, franchisees, suppliers, and industry experts, CEOs can gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends, operational challenges, and emerging opportunities. This firsthand knowledge empowers CEOs to make proactive, well-informed decisions that drive growth and innovation within the franchise system. Regular face-to-face interactions also foster strong relationships with franchisees, boosting their morale, trust, and collaboration. By demonstrating a genuine commitment to understanding the market, CEOs can inspire franchisees’ confidence in the direction and vision of the franchise system, resulting in increased franchisee satisfaction and improved performance.


    The problem of neglecting weekly face-to-face time for market insights can have far-reaching consequences for franchisor CEOs and their franchise systems. By recognizing the importance of engaging directly with the market, CEOs can unlock growth, improve decision-making, and cultivate a thriving franchise ecosystem that remains relevant and successful in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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